piątek, 22 marca 2013

CDLXXXII. Dragonforce - Above the winter moonlight

Dzisiaj znalazłem w necie zespół Dragonforce, którego wcześniej nie znałem, ale od razu mi się spodobał.

On wings of burning fire across the oceans far
The legend of the seven seas and mystic fallen star
Their laden ships are sailing on towards the sun
To the island of the everlasting chosen one

Face our fear along the way, our freedom will prevail
The crown and the shining light
Punishment and anger in the fire of your soul
Prepare the eternal fight

Lost in a dream, in a boundless sea
Rivers of pain are guiding me
Defending this land from the sins of man
Never surrender our dreams again

Ride forever onwards stare into the sun
Where hopes and dreams are everlasting marching on and on
Rise another day across the distant skies

Whe the dawn above the winter moonlight shines upon the fall of our lives

Insanity sublime shall make my bleeding heart
Feel cold and fearless anger rising far beyond the dark
In search of might and wisdom sacrifice our souls
In the name of truth and justice never to be told

Can you not feel the eternal pain
Flows through your heart and every vein
The torture begins and it breaks you down
Nothing to save when the soul is gone


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