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MDCXX. The Fall of Mardonius

The Fall of Mardonius

The time for battle has come
For Greece to crash the Persians
In Boeotia in 479 B.C.
They formed alliances of mighty strength
Of Sparta, Corinth, Megara, Athens
The future of their descendants
Lies upon their hands

March, march with shields of steel
Break the enemy in the fields
Raise your swords, take their heads

Holocaust, realities of war

Dark is their spell
Hover the mist
Hollow the wheel carries on
Over and over and over again
Life is devoured by the war
Silent and deadly the fall

The Persians fought with rage in war
The Greeks instead
They fought with might and soul
They killed Mardonius the leader
A slaughter so untold
Revenge for Thermopylae finally came
But what cam after was the Marathon
The one that finally put an end
To this war, to this war

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